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Human Welfare Organization Hangu

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Our mission is to contribute towards the efforts being made to improve the quality of life in our area. The main objective to establish and run this organization is to provide free legal help to the people of this area. HWO runs it’s various community service projects with the help of several kind-hearted donors. HWO has done many social activities like arranging blood donation, Free Medical camps and arranging Sports Tournaments etc.
HWO is a welfare organization working in three major fields, which are:

In Health section we are working in:

1. Aware people about fatal disease arranging seminars.
2. Blood Bank (Free blood donation society)
3. Free Medical Camps

In Education section we are working on:

1. To play an effective role by making community education
2. To improve the quality of Education
3. Technical Education

In the Sports Section we are working in:

1. Sports Clubs and Academy
2. Arrange tournaments
3. We intend to arrange stadiums in our area and help government machinery in public welfare projects.


Human Welfare Organization Hangu